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Concept Bathroom


Ideal Standard Concept Bathroom Furniture

Bringing you a bathroom where creative design meets practical solutions

With Ideal Standard Concept Bathroom Furniture, you can turn your bathroom into a comfortable room, not just for bathing and grooming, but for relaxing and recreation.  Build a luxury spa in your home and change the way you unwind forever.

Come home to a luxury spa and make the most of practical yet beautiful storage solutions.  If you want space saving solutions and luxury surroundings, choose Ideal Standard Bathroom Furniture from Preston Plumbing Supplies.

Storage that has been cleverly designed for you

Whether you want fitted or freestyle furniture, this gorgeous range can transform the space you have into a room that fulfils your entire wish list. If you want to create that luxurious spa feeling in your home, with ample storage space for all your beauty needs, choose Ideal Standard Concept Bathroom Furniture.

Whether you want the streamlined look of fitted furniture, or a smart freestanding style, you can find the missing link in your bathroom with Ideal Standard.  Concept Bathroom Furniture can fulfil the missing pieces in your bathroom design.  It’s all about the ideas.  It’s all about the style.  It’s all about the Concept.