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Jasper Morrison Bathroom

Jasper Morrison

Ideal Standard Jasper Morrison Bathroom Suite

A bathroom design that takes care of your body and mind in every single way

Shop here for a dazzling design by Jasper Morrison and Ideal Standard.  This collection has been designed to enrich your daily bathing experience with all the things that a modern bathroom should provide.  Enjoy the timeless aesthetic appeal, modern shapes and sophisticated feel of your surroundings with the Ideal Standard Jasper Morrison Bathroom Suite.

Browse our endless selection of baths, basins, WCs, showers, taps and furniture and compose a harmonious bathroom that is just perfect.  Perfect for you.

Ideal Standard Jasper Morrison Bathroom Suite – Flow and Fluidity

This range was created to work throughout the home, flowing harmoniously from room to room.  From the family bathroom to the en suite in the master bedroom, this collection was designed to bring all your rooms together with stunning effects.  Find beauty in the simple shapes.  Find pleasure in the subtle combination of curves.  Enjoy every moment of harmony and balance that the clever design creates for you.

If you love the look that this range has to offer, shop with Preston Plumbing Supplies today.  We stock a large selection of Ideal Standard Jasper Morrison Bathroom Suite pieces and you can instil flow and fluidity into your home today.