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Axis Showers

Aqualisa Axis Digital showers

As one of the UK’s most successful shower producers, Aqualisa are passionate about showers! Founded in 1977, and launching their first digital shower in 2001, they have established themselves for quality and value in the shower industry.

Is it really possible to install a brand new shower in just a couple of hours? It’s not impossible with the Aqualisa Axis range of digital showers…

Thanks to its unique configuration, Axis Digital exposed is ideal for replacing your existing shower, whilst keeping your bathroom decor intact. The lights on your Axis Digital control show you when it’s time to step in, and for the last word in showering sophistication, add a wireless remote.


- Award-winning, one-touch intelligent showering.

- Adjustable, clear flow, anti-scaling shower head offers family flexibility.

- Compact, remotely sited processor makes for easy installation.

- Suitable for virtually all UK domestic plumbing systems.

- 5 year manufacturer’s guarantee, from Aqualisa.

Aqualisa Thermo Showers

Classically proportioned with a head turning contemporary twist,

Axis Thermo combines cutting edge styling with the reassurance of proven thermostatic showering technology using solid quality engineering designed to endure the test of time.

Axis Thermo showers are suitable for virtually all types of plumbing systems, but consider adding a pump if you need to boost your shower’s performance.