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Visage Showers

Aqualisa Visage Digital showers

Aqualisa Visage VSDEA01G Description

Aqualisa Visage is the new face of Digital showering.  Aqualisa Visage is the perfect introduction to digital showering.  Just one touch and you are up and running with a powerful, thermostatically controlled Aqualisa Visage shower. And for the water conscious, there is an eco setting, set on installation to reduce the flow rate to around 8 litres per minute.

Aqualisa Visage VSDEA01G Specifications

Looking for a shower that is fuss free and simple to install?  Well the Aqualisa Visage exposed model is for you! Thanks to its clever design, Aqualisa Visage exposed can take as little as a couple of hours to install, with no damage to your existing tiles and décor. Allowing you to get on and enjoy your new shower. Aqualisa Visage exposed is available in two different variants, so whether you have a gravity, combi or high pressure system you can be sure to get the best performance from the Aqualisa Visage.

Aqualisa Visage VSDEA01G Features

Simple one touch start/stop control
Light indicator to show when desired temperature has been reached
Can be installed in as little as two hours, without damage to tiles or décor
Optional eco setting on installation
Elegant, simple design
Aqualisa Visage comes with a 5 year manufacturer’s guarantee